April 08, 2011

Some Things I Know Are True

1.  God does exist.
God is not Christian or Muslim or Hindu, but she/he does exist.  God exists and helps us to discover manifold truths about humanity and the universe whether we believe it or can conceive it or not.  Arguing about God's existence or God's "religion" is infantile and irrelevant, yet the underlying cause of most societal and world conflicts is which religion God prefers.  Sounds really silly doesn't it.

2.  Treat everyone the same, regardless of status, rank, or lack thereof.

3.  Your children are yours for a lifetime, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part.  They will be your gift, your joy, your sorrow, your inextricable link as long as you both shall live.

4.  We always reap what we sow.
It is the law of the universe.  If we direct positive energy into the universe, we will receive it in return.  If we direct negative energy into the universe, so too will we receive it.  Of course, bad things happen to good people, but those bad things are also necessary.  The challenges that we encounter are placed before us in order to get our attention.  We learn the most during the storm.

5.  Women attract the kind of men to them that reflect who they are at the time.
If, deep down in your core, you don't really think that you are smart, good, beautiful, or worthy, then you will unconsciously draw to you people who feel exactly the same way about you as you do.  If you keep running into "Mr. Wrong," it is because you are "Mrs. Wrong."

6.  Spend time with yourself, fall in love with you, and fix you before you go out in search of someone else.
Alone is a good thing.  Many of us are horrified to be alone.  If we cannot be happy alone, we are running away from ourselves.  I challenge all of my single friends to spend a year or more alone (not isolated) but not dating either.  Spend a year dating yourself.  Confront your subconscious, your traumas, and your fears.  Spend a year healing all of the pain that we find ourselves engulfed in once we are heralded into adulthood without a "net."  Look at yourself in the mirror, and if you don't like who see, fix her.  Once you fix her, fall in love with her.  And once you are in love with her, crowds will part when she walks through the room.  People will see your glow, and you will begin to attract only those who have good intentions and want to be a part of your glow.

7.  Beauty is only skin deep.
If your only asset is your exterior, your asset is shaky, because physical beauty fades.  See number 6.

8.  Sometimes change is good.
Don't be afraid.  Embrace change.  If you have been wearing the same hair style for 10 years, you need a makeover.  If you have a purple suede coat from 1985, let it go.  One of the laws of the universe is the law of circulation.  You must first let things go in order to receive things.

9.  Education is life long.
It is never too late to seek education, knowledge, and intellectual development.  Think, read, write, learn.

10.  Only take what you need, share the rest, and put everything back where you found it.
Our world is plagued by greed, waste, and inconsiderateness.  We have become a nation of hoarders, polluters, and insidious green-eyed monsters.  If this is you, you have work to do.