March 11, 2012

Heed the Call

If you bring forth what is inside you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is inside you, what is inside you will destroy you.

I have often times quoted Julia Alvarez's "Ten of My Writing Commandments" from her collections of essays, Something to Declare.  I find myself in this place more often than not.  

I manage to do everything except bring forth what is inside me.  I have all of the usual distractions:  kids, husband, family, work, miscellaneous responsibilities, etc. etc.  "It" keeps returning, though.  "It" is a force well beyond rational understanding.  "It" is incomprehensible, inexplicable, yet persistent.  "It" is the call to write, to testify, to tell "it."  The stories will not be stifled or silenced for very long.  The voices rise up inside of the writer like the voices of so many small children demanding attention, demanding nurturing, demanding to be heard.

All of you who hear the voices, heed the call...