January 30, 2013

Blog Neglect

I cannot truly call this "writer's block."  Yes, it is true that this is my first pitiful attempt at blogging in 2013.  It is also true that I have several pieces of unfinished fiction that are not really calling my name.  

I could use the excuse that 2012 ended with such an emotional bang that I have just been intellectually paralyzed.  No, I really don't believe that is true either, so I need not kid myself.  

My focus, of late, has been very internal - the body as a temple - mind, body, spirit, blah, blah, blah.  I have been thinking and not writing.  The very sin I warn my students about.  Maybe society's latest grumblings will stir me to respond.  Or maybe, like some type of desperate "open mike" songstress, I'll take requests from my students.

At any rate, stay tuned...

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  1. I am a closet writer that is never short on ideas that provoke and reel in curiosity. I am also a musician and sketch artist but most of my creativity is focused on writing music. I have two songs that appear on a contemporary gospel album that could be described as fluid, soulful and improvisational. I am saying all if this to convey a key, that if used, may allow one to summon creativity at will, not unlike they way LeBron negotiates defenders to a finishing dunk.
    The key for me is curiosity. Even curiosity in the most mundane of characters and events.
    I purchased a cd set by Stephen King called, if I can recall it correctly "On Becoming A Writer". It literally shifted my perspective permanently.
    Mr. King is a curious person that always has time to listen to people and the stories that populate about him. They are the catalyst of his tales.
    The following is one example.
    Mr. King was once a janitor at a high school in New England and happened upon special waste receptacles inside of each stall of the ladies restrooms. When he asked his wife or female( I can't recall which exactly) about the receptacles, they told him that is was for the femine product disposal. From that infirmation, he went on to write "Carrie" a smash hit that made it to the big screen that upon further reflection, delved into the upheaval of entering womanhood.
    Everyone has these gem like stories,be they gritty,sublime or somewhat common upon hearing them. Your characters are already assembled, hanging out in the dmv waiting room of your mind,waiting to be licensed by the stroke of your pen or keyboard. They are real and undisturbed by your desire to have a perfectly sketched protagonist and your predisposition to make your antagonist completely loathsome. They are precariously balanced inside of a worldview that can draw or repell a reader, while, if captured correctly, offers the audience a time worthy experience. After all, isn't that what we all want? Stacey.l.johnson2012@gmail.com