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McCoy Wilson

A Leadership and Organization Development Firm

When you're in the people business, you have to get good at people.


My brand is rooted in transformative learning. In order to transform our lives, careers, and organizations,

we have to inhabit our future selves. 


I am an executive coach, consultant, and academic. 

I help my clients to understand that what got them here won't get them there.  In order to get from here to there, we have to change.


Therefore, my model of coaching and consulting seeks to change the behavior of my clients through transformative learning.  My methods are informed by action inquiry and action research.  Ultimately, I want my clients to become self-directed, self-authoring, and fully actualized.  I use data-driven processes to assess each client and chart their path. 


I also provide education consulting, leadership development, and organization development consulting for organizations and business professionals.  It's all about helping organizations to improve the way they lead and develop people.

 I live and work in Atlanta but provide consulting and coaching services for clients all over the country. 



There are four essentials questions that everyone must answer: 

Who am I? 

Why am I here? 

Who am I here for? 

What am I going to do about it?


These are existential questions that ultimately define purpose. 

Once you identify your purpose, then you have to find your why.  

Your purpose is what you do.

Your why is the reason you do what you do.


Do you want to find your purpose?

Do you want to find your why?

Do you want to transform your career?

Let's connect!

I am a Doctor of Education in Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development from the University of Georgia.  I have been working in organizational leadership for 15 years. I specialize in helping my clients to transform their lives and transform their organizations.  


I provide professional development, education consulting and coaching services, leadership development interventions, and organization development consulting. I specialize in helping my clients transform themselves and their organizations.


Executive coaching encourages professional development. I help my clients change behaviors that are holding them back.  They begin to understand that what got them here won't get them there. People need time to modify a behavior.  Therefore, I suggest 6 executive coaching sessions and prefer 12.  These sessions are informed by action inquiry and action research methodology.

I provide consulting services on various areas of expertise:  adult education, writing and editing, learning, leadership, and organization development.

I am available for speaking engagements on topics related to adult learning, leadership, organization development, race, and gender.

Dr. McCoy-Wilson is a remarkable leader who strives to create a culture of partnership and teamwork. She demonstrates respects while showing an unconditional high regard for others. Dr. McCoy-Wilson has extraordinary organizational leadership skills, an eye for efficiency, a pragmatic outlook, and a straight-forward approach. She sets standards that subsequent leaders have since followed in an effort to create the same leadership model. Dr. McCoy-Wilson is a natural teacher who loves research and technical challenges that will not compromise the objectivity of her studies. She is supportive to her colleagues and sensitive to the needs of all students ensuring that the highest standards are maintained through the lens of equity and inclusion. I am honored to work with such a beautiful woman and a delightful human being.

Dr. Ikeranda Smith


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